Emigrant Bank Fine Art Finance, LLC

Emigrant Bank Fine Art Finance is the art financing subsidiary of Emigrant Bank (Member FDIC, founded 1850). We lend money to clients using their art and antiques as collateral, offering competitive bank interest rates and discreet, professional service.

Our clients include individuals, art dealers, trusts and estates, foundations, and museums. They own art and antiques with a minimum value of $2 million. Our loan programs help them finance new purchases, create liquidity, build their inventory, diversify their assets, pay gift and estate taxes, and facilitate estate planning.

Our loans are structured to provide our clients with the highest level of flexibility. We offer loans with terms of up to 10 years. Our loans can be structured as a term loan, line of credit, or letter of credit. In most cases, clients retain possession of their art.

Our team has decades of executive-level experience at leading private banks and auction houses.