Frequently Asked Questions

I am concerned about privacy. How secure will my personal information be?

Emigrant Bank Fine Art Finance is a subsidiary of Emigrant Bank (Member FDIC, founded 1850), a government-regulated, FDIC-insured bank that maintains the highest standards of confidentiality.

Do I keep possession of my art?

Yes. In most cases, clients retain possession of their art.

How much do you charge?

We offer competitive bank interest rates. The specific rate depends on the financial strength of the borrower, the quality of the collateral, and the loan terms and structure.

How much will you lend me?

Our minimum loan size is $1 million for art and antiques. Loans secured by stringed instruments can be as small as $250,000. Our maximum loan size is over $100 million.
Generally, we will lend up to 50% of the value of the collateral.

Do you lend internationally?

Yes, we originate loans to borrowers in the US, Canada, and internationally.

How long does it take to arrange a loan?

We close most loans within 30 days of receiving all required information from the borrower.

Do you work with clients’ advisors?

Yes. We often work with private bankers, wealth managers, accountants, attorneys and art advisors.

Do you offer customized loan programs?

Yes. In addition to the types of loans previously described, Emigrant Bank Fine Art Finance can tailor a loan to meet your specific needs. Contact us at 212-850-4500 for a confidential consultation.